Aframes Mindful Safety Training

Join world-leading organisations and build a high performance safety culture

Organisations in high hazard industries are often hamstrung with workplace challenges such as low engagement, poor safety behaviour and entrenched attitudes when it comes to risk.

The Aframes Mindful Safety™ program is a ground-breaking digital learning program that delivers an on-going, integrated approach to safety behaviour change. It is focused on improving safety culture through mindset change and high performance thinking.

How it works

Targets risk behaviours

The Aframes Mindful Safety™ program helps achieve zero-harm through greater engagement, risk awareness and reinforced risk attitudes.

We empower your line and/or safety managers to embed high performance safety behaviours across teams.

The program is designed to run over the course of 6 months and concurrently across multiple teams.

Provides holistic risk training

The program consists of 5 core components:

• An organisational safety culture survey and review
• A Mindful Safety program induction for all participating workers;
• A digital safety mindset assessment completed by individual workers
• Two digital learning courses comprised of 22 video-based modules
• Optional Leadership Program and individual Performance Coaching

Supports your risk frameworks

We work with leadership and line management to identify key problem areas and desired objectives. 

Workers then participate in the training by:

1. Attending the induction session;
2. Completing their digital safety mindset assessment; 
3. Completing the digital learning course.

At the end of the program we provide you with comprehensive analysis detailing changes in key performance metrics, safety practices and culture.

The science

Developed in conjunction with industry leading risk experts, independent consultants and researchers, Aframes Mindful Safety™ takes a science-based approach to improve safety culture through mindset change.

We call this approach Mindful Safety – our proprietary, evidence-based and empirically validated approach to high performance safety.

Aframes Mindful Safety™ if focussed on changing safety behaviour by targeting thinking processes that drive the identification, consideration and assessment of risk. The result is high performance safety behaviour, reflected in increased:

Risk awareness (specifically, mindful awareness of risk).
Safety attitude (specifically, the attitudes driven by the safety culture of an organisation).
Emotional control (specifically, the ability to make rational safety decisions).
Safety aptitude (specifically, safety knowledge and the ability to speak up to support safety outcomes).

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